PTSD Affects More Than Just Veterans

PTSD Affects More Than Just Veterans In The United States.
The truth is we have to allow our brothers and sisters who are dealing with the effects of traumatic stress to get it off their shoulders. If we want to prevent issues we must become our brother’s keepers in a sense. Something as simple as a platform to speak freely goes a long way when it comes to preventing the very worst-case scenarios associated with traumatic stress. The truth is our military and law enforcement professionals are not the only ones dealing with traumatic stress in its various forms. Until the truth of this matter is made known a false narrative will be the voice of authority for this concern.

Chinese National Pleads Guilty to Running ‘Birth Tourism’ Scheme that Helped Aliens Give Birth in U.S. to Secure Birthright Citizenship. It Can Happen .

SANTA ANA, California – A Chinese national pleaded guilty today to federal criminal charges for running an Orange County-based “birth tourism” business that catered to wealthy pregnant clients and Chinese government officials, charging them tens of thousands of dollars to help them give birth in the United States so their children would get U.S. citizenship.

Is A Second American Civil War Coming To America?

[cityname] Is A Second American Civil War Coming To America ? In the course of just a single week, we have witnessed two mass shootings perpetrated by misguided young men who murdered scores of people in cold blood, gravely wounding many more, and in the process endangering the safety of the Second Amendment by furthering a narrative to enact legislation infringing upon the right to keep and bear arms.