Embracing The Broken, Protecting the Innocent

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We are joined by the always intriguing, ever-epic Dr. John A. King to talk about the controversial topic of child sex abuse, human trafficking and more in this power-packed transmission. Dr. King, a PTSD survivor and victim of sexual abuse himself, has dedicated his life to helping heal the brokenhearted and rescuing those who cannot save themselves! In previous editions, we’ve had John on to talk about emotional trauma, the sanctity of marriage and, what is commonly now known as Gender Realism.

Groundbreaking works on the impact of sexual abuse and human trafficking on boys and men.

Initially, we had intended to get Dr. King on to talk about the curiosities and confusion surrounding Jeffery Epstein’s case, but as the news cycle would have it, we were inadvertently distracted by a wave of mass shootings in Texas and Ohio. While this episode wasn’t specifically focused on human trafficking effort and what people can do to stop it, it did take time to look at the culture and mindset that would enable these types of behaviors.

The age of lawlessness is upon us, and as more of these types of attacks escalate, so will the spirit behind them. At the end of the day, that’s really all we’re talking about; the spirit of evil that is permeating society, conscripting people into carrying out devilish deeds. Dr. King and his team do everything within their powers to help not only the children but the warrior class sent off to protect them! Join us for this insight-driven episode where we discuss our current political climate, our spiritual schisms and the very unstable and uncertain futures on our horizon.

sit back and be challenged as Dr. John A. King Embracing The Broken, Protecting the Innocent.

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